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We help you by getting financial,

size and capability information;

helping you decide which supplier is

right for your business.

Our sevice also ensures that low up-front costs are hot off-set by expensive hidden add-ons - also provide you with useful-to-know things like any sub contractor dependancies suppliers may have.

Why compare?

A recent survey of fifty UK-based IT companies shown that monthly IT support costs for 20 computers can range from £250 to £1500 per month and that the cost of a one hour call out can range from £40 pounds to £200 pounds. The higher monthly costs do not necessarily correspond with higher call out costs.

The support costs for one server ranges from £1440 to £4300 per year. The survey also shown that there are typically over 20 common things that you might need your IT company to do that are often not included in your monthly support contract.

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Our service

Let us do all the hard work.


- Locate suitable IT suppliers

- Get full quotes based on your needs

- Find potential 'hidden' costs

- Make quotes easy to compare

- Keep you anonymous

- Give £50 to Computer Aid International*

*Enough for them to put a computer on a desk in a school that does not have access to such facilities

How it works!

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Easy Comparison

Up to 10 supplier quotes, based on your needs, in one spreadsheet.

We think so too! That is why we developed our online service to help buyers like you save oodles of time and make sourcing an IT Supplier as easy as possible. (The image below shows a cut down spread-sheet, the full version has much, much more detail)



During the process we get financial information about the IT suppliers that quote for your business to ensure they deliver to your requirements.